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Whether you are looking to enhance your appearance or reduce stress & rebalance you can be sure that the therapists at The Ultimate Touch will focus solely on your every need & your experience will be truly amazing.

Hair Removal

Hair Removal



½ Leg

¾ Leg

Full leg

½ Leg, Bikini/underarm

¾ Leg, Bikini/underarm

Full Leg, Bikini/underarm


Bikini Line




Lip & Chin








30mins £18.00

30mins £20.00

45mins £24.00

30mins £23.00

30mins £25.00

60mins £29.00

15mins £10.00

15mins £12.00

30mins £14.00

15mins £12.00

15mins £10.00

15mins £12.00

30mins £16.00


Apilus – The most effective permanent hair removal system in the beauty industry.

FREE Consultation

10mins - £12.00

20mins - £18.00

5mins - £9.00

15mins - £16.00

Permanent Hair Removal

In just 3 treatments. Revolutionary intense pulsed light therapy designed to permanently reduce unwanted hair.

Perfect for facial hair, legs, bikini line or underarms.

FREE Consultation

Prices start from just £20.00



IPL Laser Pain-Free Hair Removal - Laser hair removal is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed. Unwanted hair grows on various regions of the body. Often, individuals find the presence of hair in certain regions of the body unsightly or embarrassing.

In other instances, individuals wish to lessen the need for shaving, waxing, tweezing, or other methods of hair removal. Most commonly, laser hair removal is used to reduce hair growth on the face, back, legs, forearm, underarm, and bikini line. However, laser hair removal can be used to permanently reduce the amount of hair on any area of the body.

How Hair Grows - Before you learn how laser hair removal works, you need to understand how hair grows. Hair grows from deep within hair follicles, which are thin cavities embedded in the dermis. Hair does not grow continuously but grows in a three-phase cycle. While the rate at which hair grows differs by individual, the length of the hair growth cycle generally depends on the type of hair. For example, the active growth phase of the hair on your head may last several years, while hair on the body has an active growth phase that may last only a few months.

Hair Growth Cycle - Each growth cycle includes an anagen, catagen, and telogen phase. During the anagen phase, the hair grows actively from the follicle. The next phase of the growth cycle is the catagen phase. This is a short transitional period in which the hair stops growing and the hair follicle shrinks in size. The follicle breaks away from the dermal papilla, which supplies nutrients to the hair follicle. The dermal papilla then regresses. The last phase of the growth cycle is the telogen, or resting phase. During the telogen phase, the hair follicle reattaches to the dermal papilla, at which point the follicle re-enters the anagen phase. As a new hair begins to grow, the old hair is pushed out of the follicle.


How Laser Hair Removal Works - During laser hair removal, a laser emits light energy that travels through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and hair shaft. Pigments are the substances that give skin and hair its colour. The laser works by selective photothermolysis, which means that the light energy is selectively absorbed by pigmented areas. Hair follicles that are in the anagen, or active growth phase, have the largest amount of melanin, or pigment, and can absorb light energy from the laser. However, hair follicles that are in catagen or telogen growth phases are less pigmented. Therefore, these follicles do not absorb light energy as well and hair growth is not impaired. The energy, or heat, from the laser damages the hair follicle, which impairs its ability to grow hair. With time, the hairs that were present in the damaged follicles will fall out, resulting in a smoother appearance and less hair growth.

Ideal Candidates - It is important to realize that light energy will be absorbed by any type of pigment. For optimal results, your hair must be darker than your skin. This is why individuals with fair complexions and dark hair are better candidates for laser hair removal than individuals with

darker complexions or lighter coloured hair. If you have a darker complexion, the pigment in your skin will absorb some of the light energy emitted from the laser. As a result, the hair follicles may absorb less energy and your skin may be damaged by the laser. In these

instances, your therapist may choose to use a lower laser setting, which emits less energy. If you have lighter coloured hair, your hair follicles have less pigment. Therefore, the follicles will not absorb energy from the laser as well as those with darker pigment. In both of these instances, it is likely that you will require more treatments to achieve the desired outcome. However, with new technology, laser hair removal may be used successfully on individuals of all skin and hair types.

Procedure Preparation - Prior to the start of your procedure, the therapist may choose to shave or trim the hair in the area. Often, the therapist will apply a cooling gel to the treatment area, which will help prevent heat produced by the laser from damaging your skin. You will be given eyewear to protect your eyes from the intense light produced by the laser. The length of a laser hair removal procedure depends on the treatment area. A procedure in which hair is removed from a small region, such as the underarm, may take only minutes, while a larger area, such as the legs, may last approximately one hour.

Laser Hair Removal Procedure - During the procedure, the therapist will guide the laser over the treatment area. As the laser pulses intermittently, it delivers light energy, which travels through the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicles. Hair follicles in the anagen growth phase have more pigment than follicles in the other inactive phases of the growth cycle. Therefore, they are able to absorb the light energy delivered by the laser. Those hair follicles that absorb energy, or heat, from the laser will be damaged. Hairs that were present in the follicles at the time of treatment will fall out, and future hair growth will be impaired. As not all hairs are actively growing at the same time, a single procedure will not treat all of the hair follicles in the area. As the follicles in the transitional and resting periods return to the active growth phase, you may notice some hair growth in the region. This is why multiple treatments are usually required to treat a single area completely.

Laser Hair Removal Recovery - Following the procedure, your skin may appear red or irritated. However, the redness will dissipate within a few hours. It is important to use sunscreen for a few weeks following the procedure. You should not use any products that may irritate your skin such as alpha hydroxy acids or harsh astringents. In addition, you should avoid plucking or waxing of the treatment area.

Laser Hair Removal Results - You may notice some hair that appears on the surface of your skin within seven to ten days following treatment. These hairs are usually those that have fallen out of hair follicles impaired during treatment. However, you will notice some new hair growth within a few weeks, as hair follicles that were inactive during treatment re-enter the active growth phase. Therefore, you will most likely undergo multiple treatments spaced approximately four to eight weeks apart. Although the number of treatments varies by individual, most individuals receive approximately six to ten treatments.

The results from a laser hair removal procedure depend on your skin tone, your hair type, and the growth phase of the hair being treated. It is important to realize that laser hair removal will likely not prevent hair from growing completely.

However, laser hair removal can reduce hair growth significantly over time giving your skin the smooth appearance that you desire.

Call today on 01953 607060 to book a laser hair removal consultation. For further information call us or use our online form.

Tanning & Body Treatments

Tanning  & Body Treatments

St Tropez - the UK's favourite & most trusted tanning brand Whether it’s more confidence to wear less makeup, to show more skin, or to feel more in control, it’s not the same for everyone. That’s why St.Tropez has a range of products to suit every skin tone, skin type, beauty regime or lifestyle, from a sunkissed glow every day to a deep dark tan for a special occasion.

We are the original, the go-to always pushing the boundaries to improve your tanning experience, because we are on a mission to get everyone glowing with confidence. Because we know a tan is not just about how it makes you look, it’s how it makes you feel.

You set the tone…… 30 mins From £20.00


Body Treatments

Body Treatment 1.jpg
Body Treatment 4.jpg

Combining well-being & expert massage techniques our Sothy’s Spa treatments will take you on a journey to total relaxation leaving behind your everyday worries & stresses, rebalancing energy levels thus creating a feeling of bliss & harmony.

Body Glow & Hydrate - Exfoliate those dull skin cells away with our exclusive Sothy’s Warm Oil Sugar & Salt Scrub, followed by an express massage with Sothy’s amazing Hydra Nourishing Body Lotion. Your skin will be left so soft and supple!

30 mins - £30.00


Deluxe Back Blitz - Starting with dry body brushing & a scrumptious scrub removed with hot mitts, after which a cocooning, hydrating mask is applied and relax! Followed by a soothing back, neck and shoulder massage with a combination of hot stones and & our expert hands on massage.

60 mins - £50.00

Hanakasumi - Enjoy a relaxing, re-balancing and nourishing body ritual inspired by Japanese traditions. Including a gentle full body exfoliation, stimulating foot massage and warm shea butter application from top to toe using scents of cherry blossom and Asian essences. The mind is cleared and skin is softer, more nourished and delicately perfumed.

75 mins - £50.00

Body Treatment 2.jpg

Ultimate Body Bliss - This luxurious top to toe pampering experience commences with body brushing to remove dead skin, followed by a super relaxing aromatherapy back & neck massage. Cocooned in warm blankets, relax with our ‘time out’ facial where your Skin Care Expert will select products to suit your skins needs, with an added scalp massage & stress-releasing foot massage this is the ultimate end to the treatment - float away!

90 mins - £60.00

Create your own bespoke relaxation package  90 mins - £60.00

Body Treatment 3.jpg

For further information call us or use our online form.

Massage & Holistic

Massage  & Holistic

Massage - The power of touch is often missing in our busy lives. Massage restores balance and well-being, releases muscular tension, improves circulation and allows your body to move with greater ease.

massage pic.jpg

Classic Swedish - The effects of stress, anxiety and lack of rest facilitates the flow of energy resulting in the feeling of fatigue & depression.

Book your massage today to start your journey to better health.

Back massage  

Back & neck 

Full Body  

Full body, face & scalp

Deep Tissue/Aromatherapy - A detoxifying, intense massage that relieves fluid retention and works out tired, aching muscles. Using blended aromatherapy oils we perform a deep tissue, body-boosting massage concentrating on knots, tensions and tightness to help the detox process, stimulate the circulation & improve lymph drainage.

30mins -  £32.00

45mins -  £40.00

60 mins - £45.00

90mins -  £55.00

Massage & Holistic 2.jpg

This all-encompassing treatment is an experience you just ‘have to’ have at least once in your life…… Simply heavenly!

Hot Stone Massage - This Popular Thermal Stone massage is a truly amazing treatment using warm basalt stones to massage the body from head-to-toe. This wonderfully, warming treatment works on energy points located throughout the body to rebalance and harmonise. The muscles are relaxed and rejuvenated in a sensation totally unique to hot stone massage.

Back & neck                 

Full Body                        

Full body, face & scalp 

45mins - £40.00

60mins - £45.00

90mins - £55.00

30mins - £29.00

45mins - £37.00

60mins - £42.00  

90mins - £50.00

Massage & Holistic 3.jpg

Indian Head Massage - is based on the ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years.  The aim of Indian head massage is to release the stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles & joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders.

The therapist uses a range of different movements including application of deep kneading & compression movements over the neck, shoulder & scalp areas along with gently stimulating pressure points on the face.

30mins - £29.00

45mins - £38.00


Reflexology - is a holistic, non-intrusive therapy used to relieve tension, stress and aid recovery from illness by applying gentle touch to different points on the feet and lower legs. It is based on the principle that there are reflex areas on the feet that connect via energy pathways to organs and systems in the entire body. The Reflexologist gently applies pressure or massages those reflex points. This is believed to stimulate the flow of energy that helps to rebalance, detoxify & promote a self-healing process.

Take your next step to better health & wellbeing, achieve a calm mind and relaxed body which helps you in your everyday life.     

60mins - £40.00

For further information call us or use our online form.

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